Wedding Hairstyles Updos

Updos can give the perfect look for any type of occasion. Wedding hairstyles updos are beautiful, elegant and stylish and provide the desired look for the weddings. Although there are so many types of wedding hairstyles updos but some of the most popular ones are listed here. The first type of updos for wedding includes the half up and half down hairstyles.

These hairstyles are an interesting variation of the updos that include up and down styles. In fact it is a modified styles that requires pinning up of the hair up while the remaining hair flows at the shoulders and at the back. These hairstyles are stunning to be worn on weddings. Brides who have fine hair face the difficulty of finding an appropriate hairstyle. These women also face problem in making half up and half down updo because the pins tend to slip frequently.


In order to avoid this situation it is suggested to use a good amount of gel and holding spray to keep the hair pins in their place. Wedding hairstyles updos with half up and half down style are easy to crate. Many hair stylists suggests not to wash the at least 24 hours before you want to create half up and half down hairstyle. They suggest so because the natural oils excreted by hair will help the knots and parts to stay for longer.

On the other hand, if you have washed the hair before creating half up and half down wedding hairstyles updos then you need to amount a generous amount of gel and hairspray for good styling of knots. After you have made you hair ready for making the updo you must brush hair to make them tangle free. Take sections of hair about 2 inches of thickness and straight them wit h the help of a flat iron. After you have straightened all the hair let them cool and side part the hair with the help of rat tail comb. The side parting must extend from the front to the crown of the head.


Brush the air form the part of the hairline in opposite side. After that a new section has been created that must be pulled behind the ear. Then use hands and a paddle brush to make the hair smooth. You can temporarily clip the hair behind the ear. You can now pull one strand of hair form the new section so that you can create accent piece. You must this strand close to the eyebrow and leave it curled or straight. The bottom section of hair can betide into a ponytail by securing it. You can roll the top section and pin at the middle. Don’t forget to use hairspray to hold the wedding hairstyles updos.


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