Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Wedding updo hairstyles can include chignon, buns, beehives, French roll, French beehive, side buns, side chignons and what not. Wedding updo hairstyles can be styled on various kinds of hair length. Hair length from a woman’s shoulders to waist can be styled in elaborate and beautiful wedding updo hairstyles. The most commonly worn wedding updo hairstyles are chignon. The word has been derived from French and means nape of one’s neck. Wedding hairstyles in the context of chignons have a wide variety in them.


For instance, if a woman has a round and chubby face, she can do a centre partition of her hair, let her hair a bit loose and then make a small chignon at her nape. This chignon itself does not require much intricacy in this case. The fact that we let our hair slightly loose before we make it a chignon makes our face looks smaller. The centre partition frames our face in a becoming manner in this case especially if we take some tendrils out of the centre partition to graze our cheeks. This hairdo also hides our ears and therefore it would be a good idea for earbobs to come protruding out of our wedding updo hairstyles.


For those women who like a huge mass at the top of their head making a nice beehive in the form of your lustrous waves and curls is a very good idea. For this you can first go for a centre partition. Then gather all your gorgeous curls at the top of your head and twist them loosely in a mass with the help of bobby pins. After you are done with gathering your hair properly in the mass you can apply a substantial amount of hair spray in your hair so that the curls retain their shape and do not go all unruly in a short span of time. This kind of hairdo gives one a chance to show off your gorgeous neckline and is ideal if you want to wear a closed collar.


This hairdo is also a good choice for the occasions when you have to wear a wide and deep necklace around your neck and hence are wearing a topless gown with it. However, those women who have wide shoulders or those women who do not have collar bones would look weird in such a gown and hairdo and therefore should avoid it. This hairdo can be made more feminine if you take out some tendrils out of it that graze your face in a becoming manner. So try out these gorgeous wedding updo hairstyles and look smashing and smoldering hot whether it is your big day or the day when the dreams of your best friend or sister comes true. After all you do not get your dreams come true every day.


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