Short Wedding Hairstyles 2012

Short wedding hairstyles 2012 mean hairdos that make you look glamorous on you and your friend’s big day. You can opt some side swept bangs with the rest of your hair styles into soft curls and held back with a floral tiara or head band. The hair at the back in this hairdo have some back combing in it as well so that the overall hairdo has some height. Women with chiseled features ought to try this hairdo. Those women who have high cheekbones and a pointed chin as this hairdo would give prominence to their overall facial features. Women with round or long face should not try this as it would make them look even chubbier then before.

Short wedding hairstyles 2012 also include short bobs of a variable sorts that can be adorned with bejeweled or floral garlands. For instance if a bride had chin length angled bob she can create a puff of her hair at the forehead with the help of some back combing. This buff can be secured with a bejeweled clip or hair brooch. This hair brooch would add a nice formal touch to your hairdo and would make you look very glamorous as well. Women with wavy hair can apply some styling mousse to their partially damp hair to make a lovely hairdo chosen from among the short wedding hairstyles 2012.

Now gather your hair backwards with the help of your fingers and at the side of your head with flowers particularly orchids. Wild orchids in yellow or pink look best. Also make sure you apply some hair spray to your hair so that it does not go all unruly in the middle of the ceremony. Brush your hair in s side partition and the crimp them with a crimping iron. The crimped look on ones hair makes it look very becoming especially if the hair is jet black and silky in texture. Now secure the longer side of your hair with a bow shape highly bejeweled brooch so that this hairdo chosen from among the short wedding hairstyles 2012.


It would be a good idea to apply some hair spray to the crimped look so that your hair does not become dead straight so easily. It would also be a good option to apply some styling mousse to your hair so that does not take much effort to crimp your hair. Women who have frizzy hair naturally ought to avoid crimping their hair with a crimping iron as it would create nothing but a disaster. Also crimping hair that is not freshly shampooed is also not a good idea as the secretion and oil in one’s hair does not help in crimping that much. So try these cool short wedding hairstyles 2012 and look fabulous on your big day.


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