Long Wedding Hairstyles

Long wedding hairstyles incorporate a variety of hairdos one can choose from. Long wedding hairstyles employ the concept of puffs and buns a good deal so that you can affix your veil on top of it with ease. For instance if a bride has a long and chubby face she can make a puff on top of her forehead that is not very wide but rather gives her demeanor a sensible amount of height.


The puff in such a case can be used to attach the veil with the help of bobby pins. The puff needs to be created with the help of some back combing and use of styling mousse so that it does not fall flat that easily. The puff can be adorned with rhinestones so that it looks very becoming. This kind of hairstyle would look good on a wedding dress that has a topless cut so that the hair does not get entangled in the beading and ends up in wild disarray around your face. The curls should have some hair spray applied all over them so that they remain intact and in good shape for long measure.

The long wedding hairstyles can involve making a puff at the top of your head with some flicks protruding out of it. Then a veil can be affixed on top of the head atop the puff so that it does not fall off that easily. The flicks protruding out of the puff should have a centre partition in them. Curls from this hairdo should cascade down one’s back and above one’s shoulders. It would be a good idea to attach a nice peach coloured rose atop the puff as well. The rose would make one look very becoming along with appealing. Man y brides prefer wearing tiaras on their wedding day. To support the tiaras appropriately, it is a good idea to make a sound and solid puff.


Most of the long wedding hairstyles employ the use of puffs. The rest of them let one let one use the concept of side partitions that has the longer side employ a bit of back combing to keep it from looking flat and drab. There is also the option of encircling your puff with flower garlands or a flower wreath if you going for a quintessential country style weeding or a wedding held on the beach. But makes sure you do not adorn your hair with fully bloomed flowers but rather use semi bloomed flowers or rose buds so that your hair does not fall in disarray or get all messy with petals falling all over it. Long wedding hairstyles incorporate the concept of using your lengths to maximum effect hence it is important that your should be free of all kinds of split ends or rough edges.


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