Wedding Hairstyles Half Up

Wedding hairstyles half up and half down cater to hair texture of a variable kind From women who wear their hair in wave to women dead straight hair as well as frizzy hair wedding hairstyle half updo and half down can be worn by all of them. Famous celebrity Jenifer love Hewitt wore her dead straight hair in a simple yet stylish hairdo chosen from the wedding hairstyles half up. She gathered half her hair in a hump at the top of her head with the help of some back combing. Then she straightening a lip length side swept bangs so that the hid half her face in a very becoming fashion.


The rest of her hair of was left cascading down her back in dead straight mass. Some of her hair was also thrown over both her shoulders since she was wearing a top less gown that showed off plenty of flesh.There is also the option of making a half French braid from your hair at the back of your head and straight your side swept bangs and the other half your hair in the similar fashion as was in the above mentioned hairdo. The French braid adds some variety to your hairdo instead of the good old mass gathered and secured with the help of bobby pins.


You can also entwine some ropes of pearls at the mass gathered at the top of your head or maybe wear a tiara at the hump that you have created.There is also the traditional hairdo chosen from the wedding hairstyles for long hair that primarily involves wearing your hair in a centre partition then creating two fish bones out of it. Next you have to pin these fish bones together and then leave the rest of your hair cascading down your back and over your shoulders. You can entwine a rope of pearls of jewels in the fish bone brides along the lines of your forehead. This touch would give your hairdo a formal touch and also add some glamour to it.


You have to make sure that all the wedding hairstyle half up and half downs can only be styled when our hair is freshly shampooed and has plenty of styling mouse applied on the hair before styling them. After the styling apply generous amount of hair spray on your hair so that your hair does not get unruly during the tenure of the wedding despite all your running and jumping about the arena.Most important tip , makes sure your hairdo chosen from the wedding hairstyles half up half down suits the cut of our dress and is something that looks good on the texture of your hair.


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