Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair this year are primarily good news for those women who have wavy hair. Wavy hair can be styled in a variety of ways when it comes to the wedding hairstyles for long hair for both the bride as well as the bridesmaid. Let us first take a look at the famous singer and actor Carrie Underwood who style her gorgeous wavy mane in a hairdo chosen from the latest wedding hairstyles 2012 for long hair. Carrie Underwood wore half her hair in a mass at the back of her head.


The mass of her lustrous waves was secured with the help of bobby pins . She straightened her front bangs with the help of a straightening iron so that her large and round face gets a little reduced in size. The rest of her hair was left cascading back down her shoulders and back. This particular genre of hairdo from among the wedding hairstyles for long hair is best for those women who have a large chubby face as well as a dress that offers one plenty of flesh to show off. Women with broad shoulders should also try on this hairdo as it would make them look more feminine with this kind of hairdo.


To add glamour to the above mentioned hairdo, one can secure the mass of hair at he the top of her head with some bejeweled bobby pins or an ornamental brooch. Another option of styling you lustrous waves in a hairdo from among the wedding hairstyles for long hair is to get an ornamental flower shaped bejeweled hair brooch. Now gather the hair at the top of your head in a sideways fashion and secure it with the hair brooch. The rest of the waves should be left cascading down your back. There is also the option of wearing in the traditional and centuries old hairdo of which primarily involves wearing a tiara at the top of your head on top of a side or centre partition.


The flick form the centre or side partition should graze your forehead or cheeks softly and make you appear very feminine and becoming. This hairdo involves wearing half your hair over one shoulder but if you are planning to wear your hair over one shoulder then you better make a gown on the wedding that has a low neck line or has a topless cut. Then again this kind of gown would look good on that woman who has nice collar bones to show off instead of a fleshy bosom. A woman with broad shoulders should try and not wear a topless gown since she would look evenbroader this way. It all comes down to what suits you at the end of the day and how your carry yourself after all.


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