Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Wedding hairstyles for curly hair make you look becoming and attractive usually involve very intricate hairdos. Wedding hairstyles for curly hair introduce the concept of half updo with the rest of your hair cascading down your back. Most of the wedding hairstyles for curly hair involve intricate puffs on one’s hair that involves floral braids and jewels entwined in your hair. Wedding hairstyles for curly hair taking lots and lots of curls at your top and gathering all those curls with the help of bobby pins and then adding bejeweled hair brooches in the updo.


Wedding hairstyles for curly hair also involves gathering your hair in criss cross manner at the back of your head with bejeweled hair brooches. If a bride is to wear a veil at the top of her head she can carry that off by pinning the curl on the mass of curls. Wedding hairstyles 2012 for curly hair can be styled on medium length hair as well. One can create a nice puff at the top of her head and secondly take some tendrils out of your head too. You can adorn the puff at the top with some rose buds adorning it.

The curls coming out of the hairdo shall graze your nape and your collarbone and frame your face to make it look really lovely. It would be a good idea to for a woman with a square or round face to use this hairdo since it would reduce the volume of your face somewhat and make you look very appealing. There is also the option of wearing a tiara on top of your head. You can make a nice French beehive on top of your head with your side swept bangs straightened to perfection and then wear the tiara on top of your head. A woman with a nice chiseled face and a lovely neck can show it off by tying her curls at her nape and then wrapping a nice wreath of flowers around her pony.


The wreath should made of white lilies or white roses so that the bride looks like the perfect virgin as she walks down the aisle. If you do not want to opt for an updo there is always the option of going for side swept hairdo that involves all your layers gathered on one side in lustrous curls. The curls gathered on one side should be thrown over your shoulders with one flower decked at the other side of your head like a Hawaiian beauty. Some women love wearing a nice net atop their head when they have gathered curls on the top of their heads. The mass of curls peaking underneath the net looks very becoming as well as appealing to the beholder.


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