Zayn Hairstyles

Zayn Malik is popular due to his trendy hairstyles. Zayn hairstyles are suitable for people who have oval, round, rectangle, triangle or heart shape face. All of his hairstyles are quickly styled and requires only ten minutes for styling. The best thing about Zayn hairstyles is that you can wear them with or without glasses.


One of the Zayn hairstyles is styled with a trimmer. A trimmer is used to get short hair on sides. The top hair of Zayn hairstyles is long as compared to the sides. The hair at the nape of the neck is long that is equal to the length of top hair. The choice of length of hair depends on the wearer.


To begin with popular Zayn hairstyles you need to start with washing your hair. Hair must be washed properly so that you get neat and clean hair for styling. Once you have washed your hair, use a blow dryer to add volume. Now, apply styling gel to your hair with fingers. Make sure you apply gel on the back hair and make spikes. Before you twist the hair, you must take a small section of hair and apply moulding cream at the roots.The hair is pulled in upward direction when applying the cream. In order to get a messy look, a good quantity of moulding cream is applied in various directions.


The top hair is styled with the sample procedure. Zayn hairstyles require using blow dryer to dry the hair at the top. You can use your fingers to arrange the hair in desired direction. At the end, hairspray is misted all over the head to set the hairstyle. It is suggested not to use too much of hairspray because it can give a flaky look to hair that appears like dandruff.


Some of the newest Zayn hairstyles need a trendy haircut and styling of hair into spikes. A spiky hairstyle is popular among young boys as well as mature men. It is very easy to get this hairstyle with the help of styling gel and blow dryer. Zayn hairstyles give a new dimension to styling and improve the looks. You must also know how to create and maintain these hairstyles.


Another stylish hairstyle of Zayn is created by getting a super short haircut on the sides and back. Top hair is long enough to be styled into spikes or combed back to get a slicked back look. You need to apply styling gel to top hair and use your fingers to comb them backwards. This hairstyle is made punk by getting large front section of hair dyed into blonde color. The tips of hair are rolled backwards to create perfect hairstyle of Zayn Malik.

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