Workout Hairstyles

There is no longer need of wearing traditional boring buns and ponytails for workouts. There are many stylish fuss free workout hairstyles that will make you look younger when are doing aerobics or workout. A swingy pony is a modified version of a classic ponytail that is created by slicking the hair at the back and tying them into a ponytail. The hair at the crown is gathered and secured with an elastic band. The ends of hair are rolled with a curling iron of large barrel. The curling iron must be held horizontally to create large curls. Styling cream is rubbed over the hairline to prevent flyaways. You will love this stylish hairstyle when going to gym.


Other workout hairstyles consist of cornrow braids. This hairstyle is made by parting the hair on the left side and braiding the right side of hairline. While braiding you should add new pieces of hair from the sides. Make sure the new pieces must be pulled under the braid. This is how a look of French braid is created. It is necessary to create a braid behind the earsand stop adding new pieces. The braid is finished and secured with elastic band.


A Ballerina bun is one of the workout hairstyles that pull the hair tightly at the back. A piece of hair is left outside that is wrapped and pinned to keep the bun in place. Flyaways are smoothed out with hairspray. The best way to get updo workout hairstyles is to apply straightening cream to damp hair. Fingers are used to distribute this cream evenly to hair. Take a blow dryer and hold it a few inches away from head. Make sections of hair and combthem with a paddle brush. The hair is pulled loosely into a ponytail and secured with an elastic band. This ponytail is twisted and wrappedinto a loose bun. The ends are looped through the elastic. Workout hairstyles are styled with fingers as fingers are run through hair to add texture. A thin headband is slide from the hairline. Take another headband and slide it behind the first headband. Hairspray is used to mist the hair.


A deep parted hairstyle is after applying straightening cream to damp hair. Hair is combed for even distribution of styling product. The hair is divided into 4 sections and stretched with a round brush. A blow dryer is used to dry the hair. Workout hairstyles are parted on side and smoothed out to make a ponytail. This ponytail is tied low and tied with matching elastic band. Wax is rubbed on workout hairstyles to prevent flyaway’s.


All these hairstyles are chosenaccording to your face shape. Long faces need to get volume at crown with side parting.

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