Weave Hairstyles

Black women go for weave hairstyles as they want thickness, texture and volume in their hair. Weave hairstyles have a wide variety in them. You can get honey weaves in your hair and cut your hair in a sharp edged bob for your weaves hairstyle. This hairstyle would look gorgeous on women with heart shaped faces.


Getting permed weaves for your weaves hairstyle is a great option for women who have naturally frizzy hair as the weaves would blend with your hair texture well. However, maintaining this weave hairstyle is a bit tricky as your scalp is required to be moisturized at all times and needs to be brushed gently with a large tooth comb. Getting a blunt cut bangs with permanently ironed weaves would look absolutely gorgeous on women who have been blessed with an abundance of hair length. The permanent ironing would last about six months to a year. This time span would be absolutely tension free for you as far as your hair is concerned.


Getting a bob cut to our ears is also would be a good weave hairstyle for women who have soft lustrous waves. The weaves would have to be the same texture as your wavy hair. But softness of the waves is essential. This weave hairstyle hardly requires any maintenance thanks to the simplicity of it. All you need is a soft comb preferably wooden. Just comb your tresses and you are ready to go anywhere.


A very chic weave hairstyle is to get side swept bangs with your ironed weaves and permanently ironed hair. Now curl the end of your hair with a curling iron to give a seductive variety to your weave haircut.If you have shoulder length hair then you can get weaves and add glossy waves to your hair. For any formal function you can tie your soft and glossy waves with a ribbon on one side or a jewel encrusted clip.For formal events you can also do a French musk beehive at the top of your head as your weaves hairstyle. This would look extremely elegant on a cackles or strapless gown with lots of flair.Layered hairstyles as our weave hairstyle is ideal if you want lots of volume and minimum maintenance. This would save you a great deal of stress and you can easily styles your hair any way you want.


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