Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles with ironed side swept bangs would look absolutely becoming on beach party as well as a formal event. All you would have to do is to straighten your iron with lots of straightening serum applied before ironing. A very simple wavy hairstyle would be to apply some gloss adding serum to your damp waves and run your hands through them. This would give a sexy albeit dirty look to your wavy lock.


Add highlights to your naturally wavy hair and you would get a exotic variety to your lustrous waves. Walnut colored highlights in black hair would really look hot and make you a favorite at any party you. For a medieval wavy hairstyle you can do a centre partition and pin the front layers at the back of your head. Let your tresses fall in front of your shoulders to look like a maiden on the moors. A very casual wavy hairstyle would be to styles your hair in a backswept windblown hairstyle. This can be achieved with lots of hair mousse applied on your hair. This wavy hairstyle take about five minutes to style and you can go through your evening without t having to check in the mirror every now and then.


A very glamorous wavy hairstyles would be to get a wavy bob haircut and keep one side longer than the other at the front. It would give the effect of tresses framing your face elegantly. The most simplistic wavy hairstyle would be to apply curl enhancing serum on your lock and twist them soft with your fingers. Now run a brush through them gently to give the effect of lustrous waves.

Side partition your waves make a beautiful wavy hairstyle especially when you secure the longer side of the side partition with jewel encrusted pins. You can gather all your waves at one shoulder with a ribbon and decorate the other side with gladiolas to make a becoming wavy hairstyle that would make men turn and ogle at you completely mesmerized.


Wearing a floral head band over your wavy hair would make you look like a medieval princess walking at the moors. The simplicity of this hairstyle is very adorable and enchanting. This wavy hairstyle is the simplest wavy hairstyles you can adorn when you are in a rush.


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