Updo Hairstyles



Updo hairstyles are required for special occasions such as weddings, business meetings and other social parties. updo hairstyles are also known as formal hairstyles that are perfect for formal occasions. There are different variations in updo hairstyles and some of them are discussed here. The first variation of formal hairstyle includes bangs that are meant to hide flaws of the face. You can easily styles bang with a classic updo.


The second variation of updos includes curly updos that are little tricky to style but add style to your personality. Formal curly updos look great with curls and waves. To create curls you can use hot rollers or curling iron. But don’t forget to use heat protective serum before you use curling irons. After you have curled all the hair you can create an updo and secure it with pins to create a neat look. It is the perfect hairstyle for those women who have naturally curly hair. The updo can be decorated with clips, barrettes and other hair jewelry.


Half updos are also considered as beautiful updo hairstyles that can fulfill your desire of making updos. It is the hairstyle that gives a modern as well as traditional look. There are many varieties of half updos. To make a half updo you must tie your hair just below the crown area and secure the hair with the help of rubber band. It will allow the curled hair to cascade down the face and at the nape of the neck. Let the side swept bangs fall freely to get a natural look and pin the hair below the crown and allow some lose strands to fall freely on the face and at the back. Tie the hair at the top of the crown and let the remaining hair fall at the back.


Other forms of updo hairstyles include soft looks that can be styled by washing the hair and conditioning them. Use your fingers to apply mousse to the hair and make sure it is evenly applied to all the hair. Now add some volume to the hair by teasing the hair at the crown area. You can tease the top hair by using a small round brush. After that dry the hair, create waves around the head using a curler of large sized barrels. Pin the top and side hair at the back of the crown and let the few tendrils hand loosely so that they can frame the face. Apply good amount of hairspray to hold the hairstyle. These soft hairstyles are best for women with oval, oblong and heart shape faces. To add romantic looks to the hairstyle you can let a few tendrils remain lose on the face. It will also compliment your face, dress and jewelry.


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