Tween Hairstyles

Teenage is a transitional age when girls are confused about their style. They need right guidance so that they can express themselves. Parents think there are some age appropriate hairstyles that need to be considered. Tween hairstyles are cute and suitable for their age.


Young girls, who have a busy routine such as going to school and clubs, need to wear tween hairstyles that need less maintenance. A medium bob cut is one of such hairstyles that gives stylish looks as well as need low maintenance. Moreover, girls who have thick hair also need a medium length bob hairstyle. This hairstyle suits tween girls of all face shapes. Typically, a bob hairstyle is long on the sides and front and short on the nape of the neck. This variation of length gives an asymmetrical look to bob cut. Tween hairstyles with bob cut are styled into a ponytail. Everyone knows that ponytail is most simple hairstyle that is ideal for medium to long hair. A medium bob hairstyle needs to be styled with blow dryer to manage shape and volume of hair.


Good tween hairstyles are ideal for all face shapes and hair types. A long layered haircut with wispy bangs is a blessing for tween girls who want to hide pimples on their face and forehead. Long bangs are pushed to side and secured with decorative pins. A headband is another option to keep bangs on side. There is no restriction of length for getting a layered haircut. Layered tween hairstyles only need a blow dryer and brush for styling. Many short haircuts also consists of layers such as shag and pixie cut. In short, a layered haircut is versatile and flexible enough for styling.


Some tween girls have straight hair and want to maintain long hair length. Tween hairstyles for straight hair are styled with deep down part in the centre so that hair is allowed to fall on sides. These girls can use curling iron to get formal curly hairstyles for special events. Some of the casual tween hairstyles are created with loose and natural waves. A wavy hairstyle needs styling gel and hairspray. Hair is scrunched with hands to add natural waves. Moreover, curly and wavy hair is easily styled into buns and ponytails.


Many tween hairstyles require fringes and bangs. Fringes and bangs work for all hair lengths and types. Short haircuts such as bob and shag compliment straight bangs. On the other hand, medium and long layered haircuts flatter the face with side swept bangs. The trend of wearing straight bangs is popular among tween girls as it gives soft and feminine looks. Some other styles of bangs consist of straight bangs reaching eyebrows, side swept angled bangs and short bangs barely covering forehead.


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