Summer Hairstyles

A very simple summer hairstyles are to make a perky ponytail. Do a bit of back combing at the crown to create a little puff now gather all your hair in a pony tail and secure with a elastic band that has a hook. This would give the ponytail a little lift at the top. Curl the pony tail a little with a curling around to curve it like squirrels tail. Use a little spritzer on your ponytail to give the tousled look permanence. This summer hairstyle is ideal for picnic at the Alps or a beach party with friends.


Another gorgeous summer hairstyle is to create a mermaid mane. Towel-dry your hair, Apply liberal amounts of volumising mousse to your hair and blow dry with a paddle brush gently. Now take three inch thick section of your hair to create curls and languid spirals Avoid touch the curling iron to your roots as they would only be damaged. Finish this exotic summer hairstyle by applying liberal amounts of shine boosting silicon based gloss over our lustrous wavy tresses and look the perfect part of mermaid at the next beach party.


A hot and sexy summer hairstyle is to wrap a silk scarf around your glossy mane. Fold a bright silk scarf many time to make a tin strip. Now wrap the folded scarf around your glossy mane just two inches short of your forehead. Pin the scarf from underneath but with minimalistic pins. Now tie it twice under your hair near the nape to ensure that it stay in place for the tenure of the day. This is great if you are going for a long and windy drive I an open car. Your gorgeous mane would blow with the air without looking like a sparrows nest.


If you don’t want to wear your hair down at the next summer Bar B Q and yet want to wear the most classy summer hairstyles than the perfect summer hairstyle for you would be to have a beach bouffant. Do a little back combing to towel dried hair with lots of volumising mousse applied to them. Now pin them at the mid back of your head to create a half up do summer hair style. Create to centre partitioned tresses at the temples to frame your face. Let the rest of your hair cascade down your back. It would hard for all the men ti get their eyes off you once you wear this exotic summer hairstyle.

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