Straight Hairstyles

Straight hairstyles have a wide variety in them from women who have naturally dead straight hair to women with frizz, waves and curls, straight hairstyles can be worn by all due to universal simplicity. All you need is a good straightening iron, a heat protection serum, a gel and a straightening serum.


The good thing with straight hairstyles is that they look good on all hair lengths and haircuts. Whether you have a chopped off haircut or layered hairstyles your hair can be styles as a straight hairstyle. For styling your hair as a straight hairstyle makes sure your hair is freshly shampooed with a good moisturizing conditioner preferably. Now apply a good heat protection serum to your hair and a straightening serum. Take about one inch thick strand of your hair and run it through the teeth of the straightening iron pausing five seconds at each three inch section. This would ensure maximum effect of the straightening iron on your hair.


Try and keep the heat of the straightening iron as minimum as possible as the straightening iron can have many damaging effects on your hair. The more frequently and highly heated iron you use the more your hair is likely to get frizzy and damaged beyond repair. Women with round faces should avoid straight hairstyles as this hairstyle is likely to highlight the chubbiness of their faces something they would not want.


Straight hairstyles are recommended by hairstylist to women bony faces especially those women who have high cheek bones. As their chiseled features would be highlight and accentuated by their dead straight tresses. Hence, all those women out there with chiseled Spanish features should keep their straightening irons ready for the upcoming party round the block.


After straightening your hair with do not leave it lying lamely. Adorn it with pins and clips encrusted with jewels or flowers even if you are going to a midsummer event at night. Decorating your straight hairstyle would give it some color, life and variety you have always craved for in your hairdos. I can bet that the next time you wear one of the straight hairstyle recommended by us your date would ogle at you like a star struck guy all night long.

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