Simple Hairstyles

Simple hairstyles are the demand of everywoman nowadays as we have to juggle home life with a career within the time frame of twenty four hours. One such easy and simple hairstyle is to do a side partition of your hair and tie it in a high pony tail with a floral elastic band. This is an ideal and simple hairstyle on a midsummer day when you have plans to go out with your friends.


A very simple hairstyle would be to brush your hair till they shine and gather some of them at the crown with a clip. Let the rest of your hair fall in wavy cascades at the back. You can put some hair spray on your hair to avoid getting them any frizz too. This simple hairstyle is ideal with a sundress on a beach party. You would dazzle all people attending the event with this charming and simple hairstyle.


For a formal event simple hairstyles would be to brush your hair till they shine. Now gather them at the nape and them with an almost invisible elastic band. Now make a twist of the pony and wrap it around the elastic band into a bun. Secure it with bobby pins and gladilas to make the elgant and simple hairstyle complete. This simple hairstyle is an exercise of not more than five minutes.


If you have natural thick and wavy hair then a very simple hairstyle is to apply some curl enhancing and gloss adding serum to your tresses and run your hair through them. Your waves would shine and stay in place all through the evening and make you the object of everybody’s admiration and attention. If you are running out of time for a dinner party then a very simple hairstyle you can do a side partition and hold the longer side with jewel encrusted pins. Just brush your tresses softly till they shine after this looks smashing at the dinner party you want to attend.

Long wavy hair look great when left loose with a centre partition at the back. Let your tresses tease playfully at your temples like a maiden in the middle ages. The youthfulness of this simple hairstyles would make you look exotic and alluring. The sensation you create would ripple through the crowd.

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