Shag Hairstyles

Shag hairstyles are all about sharp edges ads spikes. You can wear shag hairstyles in layers. A long top falling to your chin would suit women with chubby faces. The shag layers falling to your shoulders would look absolutely exotic. A great shag hairstyle is to have longer outwards length at the rear almost falling to your nape. Shag hairstyle with a short cropped is ideal for women with naturally frizzy hair. It is very easy to maintain and is you have a strenuous nine to five routine than this is the perfect shag hairstyle for you.For hard rock shag hairstyles go for sharp edged shoulder length hair go for side swept bangs to the middle of your chin which has razor sharp edges. A dark smoky make up at your eyes would make you look like an absolute rock star.


Shag hairstyles with a messy look looks completely at place at a beach part. Women with gorgeously wavy hair should go for this bob and look alluring and entrancing with this shag hairstyle. Shag hairstyles on platinum hair looks very nice especially when you go for blunt cut bangs with razor sharp edges.


Shag hairstyles on platinum blonde hair with razor edged bob looks really sassy and rocking especially on a formal event like red carpet appearance. To make sure your shag hairstyle stay in place use a silicon based gloss adding serum on gel on your hair. Also brow dry your hair by moving your fingers through it after you have towel-dried them. The length of your shag hairstyle should be longer at the back roughly touching your nape. At the sides the razor sharp edges should brush your ears or slightly below it.


Shag hairstyles can also be achieved if you have along mane but only go for it if you have dead straight hair. Get tops curvy sharp edges at your bangs above your eye brows and varying lengths at the tips of your hair a swell. This shag hairstyle has an exciting and wild appeal to it that would make you a favorite at any rock concert you attend. Make sure you out ample amounts of hair spray in this particular shag hairstyle the next time you are going to a gig to dance all night.


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