Round Face Hairstyles

Often people with round faces search for a perfect hairstyle so that their face can look less round. For getting a hairstyle you must find out that you really have a round face. People with round faces have wide hairlines and less pronounced chins. It is hard to find round face hairstyles that can help in reducing the roundness of face.


The most important thing when making a hairstyle is to consider the weight of hair and your age. After you have noted these basic things, you must get a haircut that suits your face shape. It is suggested to get layered hairstyles with bangs but try to avoid straight and heavy bangs because they will add more roundness to the face. It is good if you choose short hairstyles so that length is added to the face making it look sleek and long. If you like to wear round face hairstyles with longer lengths then opt for the hairstyle that is short on the sides and long at the back. In short, hair must be kept close to the sides of the face. You can curl the hair around the crown area so that height can be added to the face. You must also ensure that the curls are close to the cheeks. You should avoid blunt ends for the hair because they can add more width to the face.


Round face hairstyles are divided into three categories depending on the hair length. The first category is for short hair lengths. People with round faces with short haircut must get the hairstyle that help in making the face look longer. They must make sure that they don’t get the bulging sides for the short haircut. The short haircut should not be combined with heavy bangs because heavy bangs will add volume at the front and the face will look round. The second category of round face hairstyles is for medium hair lengths.


People with medium hair lengths should get bangs to avoid revealing the forehead area. Moreover, bangs with medium hair will also give the illusion of long face shape. If you have medium hair length then you must get a haircut in which you can pull the sides behind the ears. This haircut will help in making the face look slimmer. Round face hairstyles with medium hair lengths can also be parted from center to add length to the face. Again heavy bangs must be avoided for medium hair. The third category is for long hair lengths. People with long hair must get layered haircut so that layers can frame the face at cheekbones. You can part the hair form center and let the hair flow freely at the back. To add more texture and shape to the layers get the ends of layers curled.

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