Quinceanera Hairstyles

Quinceanera is actually the celebration for a girl when she turns 15 years old. Since it is a special event is the life of American girls therefore, they want to look different and beautiful. Usually mothers choose a bell shaped dress long skirt for their girls for the 15th birthday. But today many variations have been made to this traditional dress. To create quinceanera hairstyles requires you to consider your hair length and hair texture. Hair length matters a lot for styling any kind of hairstyle and here are some suggestions for styling quinceanera hairstyles for long and short hair lengths.


In fact there are no hard and fast rules for quinceanera hairstyles as girls choose formal as well as casual hairstyles for the event. The classic and traditional styles are to make an updo because they look elegant and face almost all the face shapes. Many girls arrange the event based on a theme. For example, if the event is based on Asian theme then they can wear an updo with colorful chopsticks to get an Asian as well as younger look. You can always wear tiara with the quinceanera hairstyles.


Curly hair looks beautiful for the event and if you don’t have naturally curly hair then you can get them curled with a curling iron. Curls make a good combination with buns and there are several different hairstyles of buns that can be made for the Quinceanera. Girls who have long haircuts can simply get the bangs and get the hair curled and wear a head band to get the elegant and classic look. Today, many girls like to leave the hair flow down instead of creating a bun. For this reason, they get a special haircut that can compliment their hair texture and facial structure. They use various hair accessories and flowers with quinceanera hairstyles.


Some of the hairstyles for Quinceanera are very popular this year that can be styled with natural hair texture and length. Another option of hairstyle is to create a semi updo. Try to stay from everyday hairstyles so that you can get a new look for the special day. French twist is a good choice for the young girls so that they can look cute and beautiful. One of the easy hairstyle can be made by parting the hair into three ponytails. The ponytails must be created at lower level. You must pin down all the three ponytails in the form of buns and make sure that they look alike in appearance. Barrettes can be added to these buns and don’t forget to use a hairspray to give a neat look to the hairstyle. You can see different magazines and websites that have new hairstyles. You can ask the hair stylist to suggest you a hairstyle.

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