Protective Hairstyles

Hair breakage is a major problem faced by women of all ages. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to length of hair and get regular trimmings. It is obvious that the oldest part of hair is the end. These ends are prone to changes of weather and gets easily broken. Protective hairstyles for black hair can help in managing breakage and other damages caused to hair.


Protective hairstyles for black hair consist of Bantu knots that protect ends of hair to a greater extent. These hairstyles seal the moisture hence preventing damaged ends. You need to wash your hair with shampoo and condition it before styling. After this, leave in conditioner is also applied. Starting with Bantu knots, you need to part your hair in sections. These sections are made according to the length of hair. Now take one section and twist it. This twist is wrapped to get a knot. Knots are created for each section and secured. Some of the protective hairstyles are made from Bantu knots by untwisting the sections to get chic waves.


Other protective hairstyles are styled with buns. A bun is made according to the length of hair. Hair is smoothed out with a comb and gathered at the back to get a ponytail. This ponytail is twisted and wrapped to get a bun. Make sure you moisturize your hair before making a bun.


Flat twist also gives protective hairstyles. Hair parted and two sections are made. These sections are twisted and taken at the back. Secure the twists with an elastic band and rest of the hair is tied into a bun. This hairstyle prevents ends from any possible damage.


Braided protective hairstyles secure the hair to a greater extent. Hair is braided when it is damp. To start with one of the protective hairstyles, you need to detangle the hair with a comb. Hair is divided into three sections at the back and braided. If you have wavy hair, you can make small braids. A mesh is placed at the end of the braid so that hair is allowed to bend. Blow drier is used to dry the hair and use your fingers to style them. It is a hairstyle that provides maximum protection to hair and prevents hair breakage.


A French braid is another braided hairstyle that protects hair from breakage. This hairstyle needs clean hair that is divided into three sections. A braid is made by crossing the section under the middle section and additional hair is picked from the side. The thickness of a French braid depends on density of hair. Often, this hairstyle is said to last for two weeks hence reducing hair breakage and other damage. Moreover, it is a protective hairstyle that needs moisture and it should not be braided tightly.

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