Pixie Hairstyles

A very hip pixie hairstyle is to have longer flicks at the front and add layers at the back. This pixie hairstyle is very feminine and makes you very alluring and enchanting at the same time. Michelle Williams styled her in this gorgeous pixie hairstyle where her hair fell to her shoulders and a side partition stroking her forehead. At the rear of the pixie hairstyle she had layers with minute distances brushing her neck at the rear.


Pixie hairstyles looks absolutely exotic on platinum blonde hair. Blacks dye touching the roots highlights this pixie hairstyle even more now. A side partition crossing your entire head makes this pixie hairstyle even more becoming. Women with naturally wavy hair should get a pixie hairstyle where a tiny flick touch the mid of your forehead in the middle. The natural wavy texture of your hair would enhance this pixie hairstyle and make your glow.


A pixie bob just beneath your ears would look really alluring. This pixie hairstyle should have a soft front at the forehead gently brushing against it. A pixie hairstyle with sharp edged layers with a cropped looks absolutely great on you especially with high lights of rich honey colour at the roots over blonde hair. This is ideal for girls who would want to look rocking and hip at a concert. Pixie hairstyles with flicks falling over your hair would make you look like an innocent china doll. The bangs at the front would be sweeping on one side and the hair would short and cropped on the sides and rear. You can also get a regular cropped cut with just the top styled into a pixie hairstyle by cutting it till your nose and curving it a little.


Pixie hairstyles touching your nape at the rear is also a great option. It would especially look good on women with wavy hair. Wavy layered hairstyles would bring variety and volume to your pixie hairstyle. Pixie hairstyle with a spiked crown is a trademark of the renowned actress Halle Berry and would look absolutely smashing on your face.


The one drawback with pixie hairstyles is that it does not look good on chubby and round faces. It looks best on women with long necks and bony faces. As it highlights the curves of their necks elegantly.

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