Pin up Hairstyles

Pin up hairstyles have been worn by women since the beginning of times. During the 1960s era there were many actresses who wore their hair in pin up hairstyles such as Audrey Hepburn. The most important thing for any pin up hairstyle is the length of the hair. Pin up hairstyles work best lengths that start from your shoulders till the mid of your back. Pin up hairstyles involves curling, twisting and ironing of hair. Hence, the length of hair is very important. Pin up hairstyles are difficult on hair that has a layered haircut since hair has to be the same length for curling and roller setting. However, long layered hairstyles can be styled in pin up hairstyles with ease as the length of the hair is homogenous near the scalp.


Pin up hairstyles work best on wavy hair that is thick. If you have thin and dead straight hair than you should use a shampoo that is volumising so that styling your hair in your desired pin up hairstyle becomes easier. The next important thing on the list is the serum or gel that you use for styling your hair in your pin up hairstyle. Make sure you use the right amount of pin up hair serum or gel for your hair as too little would be no use and too much would weigh your hair down and make your hair look dirty.


Hair spray is the next item on the list essential for a good pin up hairstyle. There are two kinds of hair sprays for pin up hairstyles. One is used during styling to hold the curls in place etc. The other is used for final spraying on your pin up hairstyle to make sure you get through the event without getting tresses getting out of your pin up hairstyle.


Heat protection is also very important before you start styling your hair. Straightening irons do irreparable damage to your hair. It is recommended to keep the heating of the curling or straightening iron to just the required level. Use liberal amounts of heat protection serum to avoid frowziness later.


Whether you choose a beehive, a half up half down pin up hairstyle or a chignon make sure it suits your personality and dress.

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