Party Hairstyles

Party hairstyles vary from very elaborate updos to half up half down hairstyles. Among updos you can wear buns and beehives as party hairstyles. Before making a beehive apply some volumising mousse on your on towel-dried hair. Then do a good deal of back combing on your hair to gain considerable height. A simpler way of making a beehive is to make a ponytail and then wrap a beehive band around the elastic band. Now spread the hair of the ponytail over the beehive band and spread the band over your hair. Wrap the remaining hair as a spiral around the bun to complete the look. Now apply a great deal of hair spray over the beehive and secure it with jewel encrusted pins. Voila! Your party hairstyle is ready.


Another great party hairstyle is to take some tresses out at the temple and gather all over your hair in a messy bun ate the nape with tresses sprouting out of this. The tousled hairstyle would make you shine at the next prom or beach party you have planned so hard for. The next party hairstyle on the list is to create a half updo hairstyle with lustrous waves. For this first dry your hair with a towel. Next apply some gloss ding serum to your lustrous waves and run your fingers through them. Now comb your hair with a large tooth comb to give more definition to your waves. Now gather the hair at the crown now twist pearl ropes with that waves and make a puff with slight height at the crown. Make a neat bun at the back of your head brushing your nape.


A hot part hairstyle would be to gather all your hair at one shoulder and tie it with a ribbon making a small and adorable bow. Use a curling iron to create curls in the hair gathered by the ribbon. Curl three inch thick sections at one time. Now take some gorgeous rose buds that complement your formal attire for the part. Arrange the rose buds on the other side so that the peak behind your ears.


Instead of rose buds you can also use some brooch to adorn your hair which would make this party hairstyle more glamorous and would enhance your persona.

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