Oblong Face Hairstyles

A right haircut flatters the face shape. People who have oblong face shape need to wear curly and narrow hairstyles. There are some oblong face hairstyles with bangs that add width and fullness to face. There are some tricks that are used for styling to balance out the shape of face.


Short haircuts give right oblong face hairstyles with jagged layers. Layers are full of volume and kept around the face for framing purpose. Short hairstyles must be styled with bangs. Bangs are useful in hiding forehead and making face look short or round. Blunt bangs and side swept bangs are stylish enough to adjust the length of face. You can pin long bangs on the side as well.


Shoulder or medium length hair reaching below the shoulders is suitable for oblong faces. These haircuts must consist of layers. Make sure you should not wear a sleek medium hairstyle for oblong face. Oblong face hairstyles compliment the face by making it look narrow. As far as styling is concerned, you should not wear beach waves and prefer wearing twisted and curly hairstyles. Hair is wrapped around the barrel of curling iron for a few seconds. This step is repeated to get curls for rest of the hair. An extra holding hairspray is used to set the hairstyle.


There are many long oblong face hairstyles that give narrow look. It is believed that long hairstyles give long appearance to face. Therefore, people with round faces are suggested to get long hairstyles. Long hair is parted in the centre and hair is kept on the sides. If you don’t like parting the long hair then there is a way to add layers throughput the hair. By doing so, fullness is boosted and an illusion of short face is created. Bangs are added to oblong face hairstyles to get more benefits. You can try wearing blunt bangs to see a difference in your face shape. In fact, blunt bangs are most suitable are for long faces because they divert attention from oblong shape.


There are some tips and suggestions when styling oblong face hairstyles. When creating a hairstyle for oblong face, you must use styling products to add fullness to hair. A collagen bond is helpful in lifting all types of hair. If you have long hair try to avoid wearing oblong face hairstyles with centre parting. An illusion of short face is created by adding fullness to one side of face. Long hairstyles must be styled with bangs so that a balanced hairstyle is achieved. Side parted oblong face hairstyles look adorable with loose tendrils hanging around the face. You will see a noticeable difference in your face shape after wearing a side pated long hairstyle.

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