No Heat Hairstyles

Styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons and blow dryer give gorgeous hairstyles but they damage hair. Heat can cause hair breakage and make them dull and dry. There are many no heat hairstyles that don’t require styling tools. You need to use right amount of styling products and techniques to get a beautiful hairstyle without causing any harm to hair.


Braids are one of the no heat hairstyles that give a variety of looks. This hairstyle is created with wet or dry hair to get best results. The hair is divided into three sections and the right section is crossed over the centre one. Similarly, left section is crossed over left one. Repeat this process to get a perfect braided hairstyle. The ends of braid are secured with a matching elastic band. An elegant braid is made after braiding a ponytail.


Wavy no heat hairstyles are also created with braids. Damp hair is rubbed with styling lotion and scrunched with fingers let the hair dry naturally and you will get loose wavy hair. You can also braid the damp hair and untwist it after hair is completely dried. This is how you will get gorgeous wavy hair. You can wear hair clips and sparkling pins to get a formal hairstyle.


Curly hair is also created without using any styling tools. Sponge rollers are used to get desired results. These rollers are set into hair before sleeping. Hair must be damp and rubbed with styling gel. Hair is combed and divided into sections. Next morning, take out the rollers and sprits with hairspray. Break no heat hairstyles with your fingers.


Beach waves are very trendy and girls love wearing these hairstyles without using heat. No heat hairstyles with beach waves are gorgeous and give chic look. Celebrities love wearing beach wave for red carpet. Beach waves are created by applying styling gel to damp hair. Salt spray is recommended to get perfect beach waves. This product adds volume to hair and supports beach waves. A small amount of pomade is rubbed with hands to keep the waves together. Head is turned upside down and scrunched. Hairspray is misted all over the head to get a bohemian look. You can also add a few braids on the side to enhance no heat hairstyles.


Beautiful no heat hairstyles with tight curls are suitable for formal events. Curls are created with styling lotion and a piece of cloth. Initially, mousse is applied to roots and hair is misted with hairspray. The sections of hair are wrapped around the piece of cloth. The ends are bended towards the roots and a secured with a knot of cloth. Take them out when hair is dried and styled with fingers.

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