Naturally Hairstyles

Natural hairstyle enhances texture and beauty of hair. These hairstyles are maintainedeasily due to less styling. Naturally hairstyles are unique and give versatile looks without making a lot of efforts. If you have thick and curly hair you can wear some retro Afro naturally hairstyles. This hairstyle gives best results when styled with washed with a shampoo. Hair is detangled with a wide toothed comb and dried with a towel. A blow dryer is used with lowest heat settings and hair is combed with fingers.


Beach waves are also naturally hairstyles that are not only styled for summers but also for many formal events. This hairstyle looks chic and gives romantic looks. Beach waves look great on medium to long hair. Girls who have fine or thick hair can also wear this hairstyle by enhancing their natural hair texture. It is better to wash and condition your hair at night and apply oil to hair. If you have naturally oily hair doesn’t apply oil all over the head especially roots. Fine and straight hair should not be rubbed be oil. You must sleep with damp hair and gorgeous beach waves are achieved in the morning.


Dreadlocks are also naturally hairstyles that are ideal for many hair types. It is great to backcomb hair if you want to get quick dreadlocks. It is better to start with clean and washed hair. Hair must be conditioned and dried and sections are made with elastic bands. You can make random sections and the size of section depends on the size of dreadlocks you want to make. Now start removing elastic band from a section at the back. The hair is twisted and backcomb from roots to the ends. After you have knotted the hair, rub wax to hold the deadlocks.


Some of the naturally hairstyles need texture to give a funky look. Girls who have short hair need to use pomade to get a retro and slicked back look. Hairspray is misted all over the head and waves are created. The head is turned upside down when scrunching the hair with hands. Front hair is also twisted with hands to get spikes. Make sure you have applied good amount of styling gel to hair before styling your short hair.


Twists also give naturally hairstyles for long and medium hair. The hair is brushed to keep them away from face and neck. A ponytail is made at the back that is wrapped around the ponytail holder. Bobby pins are used to secure the wrapped hair. The ends of hair are fanned out. It is one of the naturally hairstyles that is said to give funky and playful appearance. Many celebrities have sported this fun hairstyle at red carpets. You can add accessories to make it more beautiful.

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