Natural Hair styles

We all are unique and special in our own special ways and our hair texture and quality is no different. Some of us have been blessed with wavy tresses others with frizzy and curly locks while still others with a dead straight and glossy mane. Depending on the texture and quality of our hair we want to look our best so that we dazzle everybody anywhere we go.For women who have been blessed with wavy hair there is no end to the natural hair styles they can wear whether it is a casual beach party or a formal black tie event. One such natural hair styles are to gather the waves with a large tooth comb at the crown and pin them with a pin. Let the rest of the hair cascade back on their back to create this exotic, fresh and natural hair styles. Another very unique yet natural hair styles are to take some wavy tresses out at the front so that they tease playfully at your temple. Gather the rest of your hair at shoulder and tie a ribbon around them to make a becoming natural hair style that would make heads turn wherever you go.


You can also braid your lustrous waves to make gorgeous loose braid that are the perfect natural hair styles for a picnic out with family and friends. Complete this natural hairstyle by wearing a straw hat and you would be the picture of sunny beauty itself. If you have naturally dead straight hair than the i9deal n natural hairstyle would be to do a side partition and hold the longer end secure with decorative pins whether floral or jewel encrusted. You can also make a tight, pulled back pony tail that would highlight that shiny mane of yours to perfection. A side partition added to this natural hairstyle makes it perfect for a formal event whether it is red carpet or your anniversary celebration.


Women with frizzy hair also have a good deal of natural hairstyles to choose from. The hottest natural hair styles in fashion for frizzy hair is to make a high but small puff at your crown with back combing. Now damp your hair and add some gloss adding serum to your hair to create lustrous waves out of this frizzy mane of yours.

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