Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

If you love to be fashionably expressive then the Mohawk hairstyles should be of great interest as they offer some of the very wild looks of hair fashion which feature cropped or shaved sides with short, medium and long top hair. Carrying the length of the top hair is full discretion and the manner you set and style them is also a factor which offers an array of looks to this unique way of individuality. For men this has truly been one of the hairstyling ways which have given them fantastic looks; out of which some are formally acceptable while others tend to be totally wacky and eccentric. Some of the top looks carried in the Mohawk hairstyles are listed below.


• The side shaved Mohawks are some of the short looks which have a center broad or slim strip of hair running from the top to the back of the head. For a fierce look the black color is very apposite and casts an image which is attractive and fit for some of the most ultra modern styles of the contemporary fashion.


• The retro Mohawk hairstyles are some of the very funky hairstyles; similar to the Robert Pattinson hairdo, which features side swept double shaded hair sprayed in to a messy position for extra appeal replete with creativity. The medium length of the top hair with short side hair gives it a tinge of variance from the other Mohawk styles.


• The punk Mohawk hairstyles in dark hair shades are some of the styles that offer a zebra neck image with shaved sides. The short hair is styled straight for a well groomed and manageable look. Short hair can be twisted or curved in a direction to give the styles an extra appeal.


• The short dome Mohawk hairstyles offer very unique looks in these groups of hairstyles which have a bulging and pointed top finishing rendering a trendy look which is one of the coolest hairstyles for boys these days.


• The curly Mohawk look is another spirally attractive style which is one of the natural hairstyles for black people and flaunts a flattering look in them with the innate per-curly hair texture.


• Long length styles feature many gelled and porcupine looks that are spiky and the creativity is heightened with the use of light hair shades such as blonde.


• The animal inspired Mohawk hairstyles are yet again some of the very wild styles which may have short, medium or even long top hair with animal prints painted on the shaved sides. They are fun and thrilling for the youngsters who love to enjoy fashion in every possible way.

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