Mod Hairstyles

The word mod refers to the fashion, rhythm or music of 1960s. In the modern age, the word refers to modern haircuts that give latest hairstyles. Basically, mod hairstyles are geometric that have bunt ends and angled cuts. Some of the iconic mod hairstyles are listed below.


Mod hairstyles are distinct from other hairstyles because they give a rebellious look. One of these hairstyles requires a mod haircut that is classic and an evolved version of rocker cut. A classic mod cut has been evolved over years but the basic cuts are the same. These hairstyles give vintage looks and remind the days of British invasion.


A post classic mod haircut is cool and gives cute appearance. People of 1960s used to wear mod hairstyles with longer top and shorter side hair. A great look is achieved by wearing a suit jacket with these hairstyles. A shag haircut gives mod hairstyles with a lot of volume. This hairstyle reminds of rock stars of 1960s.


There are many modern mod hairstyles that look futuristic. Basically these hairstyles were introduced in early 2000. The classic cuts and angles were evolved and transformed to meet the requirement of modern people. The top hair is swooped instead of giving a mop shape. The texture of hair is wild to show off the rebellious personality of the wearer. These hairstyles are enhanced with wild and loose waves, bold and vivid colors and bed head styles.


There are many stylish mod hairstyles for women. A modern bob cut is popular since many decades. There are many variations of bob cut that can work for all hair lengths. A short bob reaches jaw length and features multiple angles. Often, women like wearing a mod bob cut with thick and straight hair.


A twiggy hairstyle is one of the mod hairstyles that are popular among models. It is a short hairstyle that has made a comeback this year. A twiggy hairstyle is short and highlights neck with pointy ends. The hairstyle is made beautiful with side parting and tucking them behind the ears.


A five point haircut is a mod haircut that is popular these days. The name refers to five different angles that are cut throughout the hair. It features bangs that are long and sharp and two points are cut gradually curvy before the ears. A point is also cut at the neck giving a rock star look.


A bowl cut is suitable for both men and women. This hairstyle looks like as if a bowl is placed on the head. The sides are almost shaved but top hair is thick and often styled with bangs. The bangs are kept across forehead and curved gradually towards the neck for a sleek look. Basically, this haircut was popular in 1960s but modern men and women are also wearing it.

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