Micro Braids Hairstyles

Tiny braids that require a lot of timing for styling are known as micro braids. Micro braids hairstyles last for weeks or months depending on how tightly they are woven. These hairstyles are made for straight, wavy and curly hair. It is good to create these hairstyles for medium hair. You can make braids from roots that reach the ends or halfway the length of hair.


If you have micro braids hairstyles that are started on the scalp then you need to keep the air simple. The hairstyle is made playful with intricacy of styling. One of the best hairstyle for micro braids is to make a ponytail.This ponytail looks sleek when pulled on the side. Youcan part the hair on side and hair is gathered at the nape of the neck. A section of an inch is taken behind the ear and braided. The ends of hair are pulled over the shoulder. You can add style to micro braids hairstyles by curling the ends of braid. It is very easy to curl the ends of braids with a curling iron.


Micro braids hairstyles are curled to get unique look. But this hairstyle is not ideal for daily wear because it is difficult to curl micro braids. This hairstyle is worn by using smallcurls the braids. In order to get this look, you need to use a curling iron. Braids are wrapped round the curling iron. The curling iron is held for 25 seconds and you will get beautiful curls. The hair is parted on one side once you have finished curling micro braids hairstyles. This hairstyle will boost up the volume of hair.


Micro braids hairstyles give sleek and polished look with a flat iron.A flat iron is run through the hair focusing the ends. Don’t forget to straighten ends of micro braids otherwise they will appear frizzy and over dried.


Micro braids hairstyles offer a variety of styles. Cornrows are one of the micro braids that are also tiny braids that are created with the technique of French braiding. This hairstyle lies flat on the head and styled into different shapes and patterns. Some of the hair is styled into cornrows and rest of the hair is styled into micro braids.


Three stranded braid is also used to separate sections and twisted clockwise. You need to twist the micro braids several times. The strand is wrapped in opposite direction to get a unique pattern. There are some other techniques used to braid the hair.


Micro braids hairstyles are flexible enough to get versatile styles. A simple ponytail or an updo is made to get traditional hairstyles.You can get formal hairstyles after curling them or get a polished a sleek look with ponytail.

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