Homecoming Hairstyles

Homecoming is an American tradition where each year all graduates of yonder years meet to catch up with each other’s lives. For many women out there the perfect homecoming hairstyle takes the top priority in their to-do list as the day comes closer. There some things you should check of your lists before you choose a homecoming hairstyle for you important day. Make sure the homecoming hairstyle you choose suits your face cut, your figure and the dress you plan to wear on the event.


Most women prefer to wear an updo for their homecoming hairstyle. You can make a simple bun at the top of your head with jewel encrusted pins decorating the bun. You can braid your hair and decorate it with real or fake flowers. A half updo and half down homecoming hairstyle is also a great option. You can do two fishbone braids on the sides of your head and let the rest of your hair cascade off your back.


Make sure the homecoming hairstyle you choose suits the nature of the event. It could be a formal black tie event or just a football game with old pals. Updos are ideal for your homecoming hairstyle if it is a formal event. A really adorable homecoming hairstyle would be to blow dry a side flick and pull your hair at the front in an elegant puff. Let your curls fall back casually to look young and carefree. At the back of the puff you can make a small know like a French chignon.

Beehives are an evergreen form of homecoming hairstyles that would enhance your persona a great deal. You can also blow dry your hair into an elaborate full blown blow dry home coming hairstyle like Marylyn Monroe in the 70s. This would look really exotic in an off the shoulder strapless dress. Make it more secure.


Another exotic homecoming hairdo would be to there all our hair at one side and then curl them at the ends to get a becoming cluster. You can tie your hair at the side with a jewel encrusted or floral band to enhance the whole effect of your homecoming hairstyle. For a casual home coming event just let your hair loose or tie them in a tight pony tail or a loose braid to look casual yet alluring.

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