Headband Hairstyles

Headbands are accessories that give beautiful hairstyles. Headband hairstyles are quickly styled and suitable for casual and formal events. In short, a headband beautifies a simple hairstyle. There are many styles and sizes of headbands that make a hairstyle colourful.


Headband hairstyles are styled only after choosing a right headband. Since there are many varieties of headbands, therefore, it often becomes difficult to choose one. If you have thick and long hair you need to choose sturdy headbands that can carry the wrights of hair. On the other hand, curly hair needs tick headbands so that curs are kept in place.


Headband hairstyles are created after wearing a headband on the crown. Often, a headband is kept close to the forehead. The best size for headband is one that is capable to hold the hair in place. It should be comfortable enough to hold the hair without slipping. There are some headbands that are made of fabrics while others have a wire that adjusts the size according to size of head.


There are some quick and easy headband hairstyles that are popular among women and young girls. Let’s begin with some of the cute and simple hairstyles that are styled with headbands. A braided headband is a cool and bohemian hairstyle. The hair is braided to get a romantic look. Headband hairstyles with braids are started by parting the hair on both sides and rest of the hair is smoothed out with a brush. The smallest section is braided near the ear. This braided section is lifted up and same process is repeated for the second section. These two braids are wrapped around the crown and tucked behind the ears. Bobby pins are used to secure the braids. Rest of the hair is tied into a ponytail or a bun.


Headband hairstyles have many choices for formal events. A formal updo with headbands has been sported by many celebrities. Dry hair is curled with a large barrelled curling iron. Make sure all hair is curled. Start pinning the curls at bottom layer. Wear a headband at the front to get a smooth look. Use a hairspray to hold the curls.


A bouffant hairstyle has made a comeback. It was popular in 1950s but nowadays headband hairstyles with bouffant are trendy. A thick headband adds flair to get a bouncy hairstyle. This hairstyle is started with washing hair and applying mousse to damp hair. The head is flipped over and blow dryer is used to dry the hair. The drying step is completed and crown is teased and misted with hairspray. A headband is worn at the top to get a finished look.


A sleek ponytail is also styled with a headband. The top is teased and styled with headband. Rest of the hair is tied into a ponytail.

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