Gothic Hairstyles

Distinction in outlook is certainly through the expression of individuality and there is no other fierce and forceful way to exhibit that other than with the Gothic hairstyles. Apart from the unique hair styling looks, the full appeal of these styles depend a great deal on the use of gothic makeup to simmer up the sub cultural shadowed look. The main punch line and feature of the gothic hairstyles is that they; like the makeup trends in gothic fashion, incline towards the use of dark and spooky shades to have complementing looks. Though many hairstyles make use of vibrant shades such as electric blue and highlighted green etc; yet they are always put to use with more dominant dark hair shade such as black, brown, deep rose red etc to give grace of color yet subdued by the dark gothic look.


while usually a funky and rebellious hairstyle is the most widely opted look in the gothic hairstyles yet there are some simple and formally presentably styles as the dark golden blonde curly style with black streaks; which makes the strong golden shades its tool of weapon to blend in as the gothic feature. Fierce, dramatic and defined black eye makeup tends to stir up the desired results and so making this styles a very cool one for teenagers who love to be wild and in line with fashion decorum. Some decent gothic hairstyles make perfect use of matching makeup shades in hair to give fabulous spooky looks. One such sensationally appealing style is the long curly style with full deep purple streaks to offer a vampire touch to the presentation of the style. However, since the gothic getup, outlook and attitude are unique; therefore; the styles too can all e the straight and simple ones. In fact many other types of hairstyles such as the emo hairstyles, the punk hairstyle are also some very popular gothic hairstyles which tend to tamper with the funkiness in indefinite ways. The full shaved cut with top asymmetrical hair, the vicious vampire fringe short styles, the fowhawk hairstyles are examples of the glimpses of completely wild and thrilling concepts in styling.


The trend of dip dying is a very popular hair fashion nowadays and the use of electric blue shade serve as a venomous contrast that instantly draw attention. These styles are equally trendy for men and women of all ages. The uneven hawk haircut is another very catchy style that runs from the mane in stacked layered cuts and continues to display a spiky hawk touch till the front extended angles. With the gothic hairstyles there is absolutely no limit of looks you can carry for the perfect way to be what you like to practice as fashion.

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