Girl Hairstyles

An adorable girl hairstyle is to gather half your hair at the back of your head and make a half ponytail out of it. Now you can tie it with a ribbon or a bow. You can also adorn it with a floral elastic band. Wearing assorted headbands on your lovely mane makes a lovely girl hairstyle. The head band could be plain just embellished with ribbons or a floral design. It can be made formal with a jewel piece too like flower or a bow. Bejeweled hair accessories are great for girl hairstyles as they give your hairdo a graceful yet funky look at the same time.


Make braids of all sorts is lovely girl hairstyle. You can go for a loose braid on your shoulder adorned with ribbons. Flowers entwined in your braids also make a beautiful girl hairstyle. Fishbone braids across your head with the rest of your hair cascading down your back also make a beautiful girl hairstyle. Messy buns make gorgeous girl hairstyles as they have a lovely youthful touch to them. You would look like you are sixteen again studying for your term paper when you have a girl hairstyle adorning your hair. Messy buns could be done with a slight puff achieved by back combing or some twisted strands. You can also go for a side partition for your messy buns as they give a sophisticated yet youthful touch to your girl hairstyles.


Girl hairstyles have beads involved in them for sure. You can adorn your braids with beads or buns with beads. They make really adorable girl hairstyles. No girl hairstyle is complete without the concept of pigtails. But the pigtails should be done with a twist. You can finish a pigtail with a ribbon or decorative bands like floral elastic bands etc.


Whatever girl hairstyles you choose avoid using a great deal of chemical serums on them as they tend to do more damage than good. Try keeping your hair and scalp as much moisturized as possible as it is the key to make you hair healthy. Healthy hair makes lovely girl hairstyles. Do consult your hair dresser before wearing any girl hairstyle. Do not try to experiment something on your hair that does not suit your hair texture or your face cut. As we want you to look young and pretty at all occasions.

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