Getting Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre is the shading of hair color that begins from roots and reaches the ends. The ends are dyed lighter as compared to roots. Ombre hairstyles are low maintenance and one can get then done at salon as well as at home. These hairstyles are carefree but you need to choose right color for highlights. Often, lightening color at home can lead to shocking changes. If you have naturally light hair color you should add dark color at the roots.


Ombre hairstyles vary between light and dark shades. Usually, dark shade is used at the top that becomes gradually lighter towards the ends. This method conceals the roots and needs to be touched up regularly. Ombre hairstyles are believed to soften strong and sharp facial features. Colors must be blended well to get a natural look. Hair stylists suggest using sulphate free shampoos for washing hair. Many celebrities have also sported ombre hairstyles such as Sarah Jessica Parker.


If you are interested in getting ombre hairstyles at home you need to follow a few instructions. The first step begins with choosing a highlight kit that consists of dye that is lighter than your natural hair color. Make sure you cover your shoulders with a towel or a protective sheet. Then, wear gloves that are provided with the highlight kit. Now, start mixing the ingredients as mentioned in the instructions of the highlight kit. The next step is to apply the mixture halfway down the hair length. You need to wait for at least 20-30 minutes for processing because it depends on the strength of your naturally dark hair color.


The remaining mixture is applied to the ends. As mentioned above, ends of hair is always lighter as compared to the roots. Therefore, you can wrap them in foil. Again, the processing depends on your choice. Wash your hair until all dye is cleared out. There are some conditioning instructions for ombre hairstyles mentioned in the kit.


Some other ombre hairstyles with blue dye are gaining immense popularity among young girls. It is very easy to get ombre hairstyles at home. You must have aluminium foil. Blue dye, brush and hair bleach. A brush is helpful in developing the mixture and its application to hair. Often, you need to get towel and a piece of cloth that is kept on shoulders.


Let’s begin with getting blue ombre look. The hair is combed and made smooth and tangle free. The cloth piece is kept on shoulders and bleach is applied to half the hair. Hair is washed with shampoo after mentioned time and foil is kept along the hair that is to be dyed and blue color is applied to hair. Wrap the foil and take it out after 20-30 minutes. Wash the hair and wear it comfortably.

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