Flower Girl Hairstyles

Flower girl hairstyles usually involve updos or half up half down hairstyles. A very simple flower girl hairstyle if the flower girl has curly hair would be to gather hair in a loose pony tail at her nape with a loose elastic band. Now take a string of pearls and wrap it around the elastic band till you have four to five rotations.


Little girls look really elegant if they have a bun with a tiara as their flower girl hairstyle. This flower girl hairstyle makes them look like a little ballerina ready to soar over the aisle before the bride. A very cute flower girl hairstyle is to make flower head band out of full blown roses. Brush her hair to lustrous shine and out the flower head band just an inch short of her forehead to make her bloom as the flower girl.


A beautiful flower girl hairstyle is to gather your hair at the back of your head and make a half braid with it. Now make loose bread of the hair and entwined flowers with it as you plait your braid. A little flower girl spreading flowers down the aisle would look extremely adorable. Another good flower girl hairstyle is to make four braids at the nape and make a bun out of them. You can add jewel encrusted strings along with the braids and secure it with jewel encrusted pins. Apply lots of hair spray at your braided bun to make sure now hair gets out of your little ones flower girl hairstyle during the ceremony.


A simple yet elegant flower girl hairstyle is to dry your little girl’s hair with a towel. Now apply some curl enhancing cream to her curls. Now comb them with a large tooth comb and gather half your hair from the crown till the mid back of your hair. Now pin them at them at mid back with pins. Divide this gathered section in three sections now and tie each with rose bud elastic band. Apply some hair spray at your curls so that they stay in place for the duration of the wedding no matter how much your little girl runs , jumps or frolics about.

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