Fishbone Braids

Fishbone braids are very tricky to make. It requires a certain skill and neatness to make the perfect fishbone braid. As for all hairstyles make sure your hair is freshly shampooed, dry your hair with a towel and apply some moisturizing serum to your hair. Now comb it gently to make sure it is completely tangle free.


Make two equal sections of your hair at your nape. Now take a thick strand from the outer side of one section and merge it in the other section. Similarly take a thin strand of hair from second section and merge it in the first one. Now keep repeating these steps until you reach the end of your hair. Finish off your fishbone braid with a ribbon or an elastic band or even a flower to look adorable and alluring.


Instead of going for a simple fishbone braid there are a variety of ways in which you can spice it up. If you have bangs you can iron them with a side partition or a centre partition depending on your mood. Women with a chubby face should opt for this variation. If you feel like letting your hair down then you should gather half your hair at the crown and make a fishbone braid out of them. Leave the rest of the hair cascading down your back. If you have wavy hair then this is the perfect fishbone braid hairstyle for you.


Another great option for fishbone braid hairstyle is to do a centre partition of your hair and make two fishbone braids each falling down your back or over your shoulders. This looks exceptionally cute on little girls and is a great option for mommies who have really young girls. You can also adorn the fishbone braids with rhinestones or other decorative beads. You can do a side partition at your crown and gather all your hair over one shoulder now you can make a fishbone braid out of your hair decorate the other end of your head with flowers like orchids or tiny rose buds at the opposite side of your nape.


Make sure you have some styling mousse to your hair or before you start braiding and some hair spray after it as tresses tend to come out of your fishbone braid after a while.

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