Feathered Hairstyles

Feathered hairstyles are often confused with the layered cuts on account of the technique of the hair cutting. However, there is a great difference of concept and styling between the two famous types of hairstyles. Unlike the layered look which just offers variable hair lengths throughout the hair; the feathered hairstyles focus more on giving enhanced textured looks on the layered cutting. The difference is basically the richer look that is styled in dramatic ways to highlight bouncy hair features. They also aim to cut down the size of hair which needs to be reduced in bulk. These hairstyles are no new concept and trace their popularity from the fashion of the early 70’s and 80’ but however, have the tinges and fusion of modern concepts to enhance the appeal. What more is a great thing about these hairstyles is that they offer a glamorous funky look even in some of the very bold styles such as the pixie cuts. For youngsters it is all the more fun to carry some new looks every day with certain slight changes of color and setting.


Feathered hairstyles are in fact the sporty version of the layers which have given a lot of grace and confidence of looks to even some of the best celebrities looks in hairstyling. The slightly groomed tousling with real feather-soft like look is the basic aim that is tried to simmer out. Feathered hairstyles have are not bound to age, gender or face structure and tend complement all alike. Their ravishing modern look makes them some of the best formal hairstyles which can offer flirty and chic looks at events that are of grave importance when it comes to having good getups. These short feathered hairstyles tend to be some of the great hairstyles for official looks for ladies of the older age group. There are two forms of feathered looks; one is of the normal hair texture which tends to give appealing volume to the hair and is perfect for even those who have thin hair.


The sleek textured feathered hairstyles are more refined, glamorous and chic for the young people. They tend to offer some fabulous looks in all hair lengths and tend to offer flattering looks in the light and bright hair shades such as blonde, brown and red. The model feathered hairstyles of the 70’s to begin with are some of the ways to set these feathered layers in a cute and sexy manner. Having bangs and fringes adds a fiercer look to the style. One of the most iconic hairstyle in this slot of looks is that of the shag hairstyles; that has ferocity and stunning looks whose texture is richer with the sleek double blonde shades.

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