Dread Hairstyles

Dreadlocks are coiled long hair with different methods such as dread wax or beeswax. Dread hairstyles vary in thickness and length. There are many hairstyles that are created for short hair and give secure feelings. These hairstyles are knotted sections that are styled in different manners. Dread hairstyles are popular among black men and women because they find it easy to manage their hair with such locked styles. There are many benefits of wearing these hairstyles.


Short dread hairstyles frame the face giving a natural look. Often, bone structure is show cased with these hairstyles. The best way style dreadlocks are to pull them at the back and rest of the hair is pinned across the hairline. Bobby pins are used to secure them otherwise a headband or ribbon is wrapped around the head and dreads are pulled back.


Short dread hairstyles are shorter in length to tie a ponytail. In order to wear these hairstyles for a formal event, women want to wear an updo. The dreadlocks above the ears are gathered and rest of the dreadlocks are gathered across the hairline. All the dreadlocks are gathered and a ponytail is tied and twisted to make a bun. A ribbon is also used to decorate the bun.


Short dread hairstyles are also styled into low twists that reach just below chin. This hairstyle is ideal for formal events and office wear. This is how traditional dread hairstyles are enhanced. All the dreadlocks are gathered on one side and twisted inwards across the head and back. Bobby pins are inserted to keep the hair in place. This step is repeated for other side. Long dread hairstyles are clipped together and twisted.


Wrapped dread hairstyles are styled with scarves and headbands. These hairstyles are wide and long as compared to traditional dreadlocks. These scarves are made of silk or cotton and hold the shape and size of head. Wraps are used all over the head and pulled back and dreadlocks are gathered.


There are some updo hairstyles that are created from dreadlocks. An updo looks traditional for medium to long hair. Dreadlocks are tied into a ponytail that are twisted and pinned to get a chignon. These dreadlocks are secured with elastic bands and bobby pins. Often, hair sticks are also used for dreadlocks to wear traditional hairstyles.


Dreadlocks are long enough to get a braided hairstyle. Milk braids, French braid and twisted styles are suitable for black hair. Many fun and playful hairstyles are created with dreadlocks by shaping them in various angles. Moreover, dreads are twisted and pulled to wear faux hawk or Mohawk. Many people wear fake dreadlocks and styled with flowers and ribbons and laces. In short, these hairstyles are versatile and ideal for black and thick hair.

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