Crazy Hairstyles

Crazy hairstyles as the name suggests are some of the extra-rebellious fashion looks that can be termed as blunders of hairstyling. Having some of the most bizarre concepts of carrying a very eccentric look, these styles are bound to no rules of sophistication and formality and tend to incline towards the fun side of fashion that can be distorted in any manner you like. The Crazy hairstyles are usually the punk styles that have tampered with the extreme limits of a wild love for fashion. Ranging from the use of bold colors to some very cropped and patterned hairstyles; there is an ocean of insanity in hairstyling to witness. Nevertheless, it is fun and pretty much interesting to have a sight of if not to try out.


Starting off with some of the crazy hairstyles whose looks can be termed as being within the ambit of the latest fashion stream are the crazy punk styles which have a fusion of the bird’s makeup colors splattered onto one of the most popular tapered asymmetrical hair cut. The multi colored dose of a handful of colors renders the style a cool and smart look which style lovers of the hip hop fashion might like to carry for a unique and trendy look. Even some of the emo hairstyles can have this crazy color effect yet that always will have a tinge of distinction of its own and have certain looks such as that of animal fur colors and patterns. The sporting punk getup style is another very striking hairstyle which tends to have large porcupine spiky hair that is directed out in all directions. The use of double hair shades at the base of the scalp and the other at the top gives a great textured look and adds an apparent depth to the smart styles


Some of the crazy hairstyles tend to rely on the normal hair color and focus more on exaggerated sculptured styling which are extremely bizarre. They can be set in any direction and gelled or sprayed to retain the awkward look. Many crazy hairstyles have certain artificial items and extension that are pinned on to the hair to add the crazy effect. Many odd types of wigs that have dramatic dimensions are also in hot trends. Another very popular look in the crazy hairstyles is that of the cropped and shaved hairstyles; which unlike the contemporary fashion trend of cropped styles, have very awkward ways of carry the shaved styles which at times focus on longer hair lengths at the back and one side shaved. It is just about going as wild and out of fashion as you can. The checked style, moustache and bun tip styles are yet some other very rebellious styling ways for those who like to be extra unique artistically in styling.

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