Christmas Hairstyles

Christmas Hairstyles have no specific demarcations. What Christmas hairstyle you were depends on the extent of the event you are attending at Christmas. If its a ball or a formal gathering then you ought to browse through pages of formal updo Christmas hairstyles. For instance you can wear a chignon at the back of your head with side partition at your forehead. This is a good option for women who have a round face with a narrow neck as the chignon would highlight the curves of the neck and the side partition would decrease the roundness of the face somewhat.

You can also go for a classic French twist for your choice among the Christmas hairstyles. You would have to apply ample amounts of styling gel to your partially damp hair for it. Slick them backwards or go for a centre or side partition depending on the roundness of your face. Now twist your hair at the back of your head. And secure the twist with generous number of bobby pins and small pins.

A casual family dinner this Christmas than you can wear a polo neck under a wavy or curly do as your choice of Christmas hairstyles. Just apply some curl enhancing cream to your freshly shampooed and partially damp hair and run your fingers through your tresses. Now make a loose coil of your hair at the back of your head and let it stay that way for half an hour. Open the coil and run your fingers through the tresses you would get lovely natural heat-free curls this way that would make you the centre of attention this Christmas.

If you want to look classic and chic but also want to be experimental with your Christmas hairstyles down try the flapper which is basically ideal for women with naturally wavy shoulder length hair. It looks best with centre or side partition and requires no fuss at all. Just apply some gel to your naturally wavy, freshly shampooed and towel dried hair. Now take three to four inch thick sections of your hair and use a curling iron over them. Just to the ends. Do a side partition and tuck your hair under or above the ears with bobby pins. You would look like the classic lady walking the street with rose red lipstick in the 40s!

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