Choppy Hairstyles

Choppy hairstyles have the ease of minimum maintenance and a great hairdo. You can get a chopped haircut with side swept bangs. The jagged ends and bangs would make you look exotic and young. All you would need is a good shampoo to keep this choppy hairstyle in shape.


You can get a choppy hairstyle with a layered cut till your collarbone. Get jagged ends and lots of volume. This is very feminine yet funky. You can wear this choppy hairstyle at a concert and a black tie event too. Women with glossy and dead straight hair can now add life to their hair by getting a choppy hairstyle which has long ends at the front and a wedge like bob at the nape. A good brush is all you need to keep this choppy hairstyle in shape.


A very choppy hairstyle would be to get a long length and thick flick till your chin and short cropped haircut at the back till your ears. A blow dry each morn with a good serum is all you need to keep this one in place. An extremely cool choppy hairstyle ideal for teenage punkers is to get layers till your shoulders with jagged ends at the side and a chopped cut at the back and a side swept flick at the front. This choppy hairstyle with low lights would make you a head turner at the latest gig around the block.


Blunt cut bangs with diagonal sharp edges and a chin length jagged bob make an adorable choppy hairstyle. If you dye your hair cherry red with this choppy hairstyle hip are likely to look like L’Oreal’s next hair care model. This may sound experimental but its worth a go with the versatility it offers. A centre partition layers choppy hairstyle with jagged ends and bangs parted in the centre would look feminine and bold at the same time. There is no denying that every man would want to take you home after you wear this choppy hairstyle.


If you have been blessed with naturally curly hair then go for a choppy hairstyle that gives you bangs and your wavy a tousled look. The tousled look would make you absolutely alluring and entrancing and men would want to feel your gorgeous curls. This choppy hairstyle is absolutely a must for women with atight schedule and an abundance of curls.

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