Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Like brides, bridesmaid is also an important part of the wedding. Brides must take care of the bridesmaid and their hairstyles. Brides always want that their attendants must get a unique hairstyle and choose bridesmaid hairstyles for them. There are some things that are important before selecting the hairstyles for bridesmaid. First of all, you must look at the dress that the bridesmaid is going to wear. Find out if the dress is simple or decorated, loot at sleeves and see if they are straight or puffy. If the bridesmaid is wearing a simple dress you can choose a complicated hairstyle and if she is going to wear a fancy or decorated dress then opt for the simple updo. Don’t forget to consider the neckline of the dress because e address with high neckline must be complimented with hairstyle that is pulled back to highlight the neckline.


On the other hand, if the dress is strapless choose the bridesmaid hairstyles that highlight shoulders and neck. Another option for selecting the hairstyle for your bridesmaid is to take her/them to the hair stylist and show him the dress and ask for the hairstyle. You must know that a small change can make a large difference on the wedding.


A few years back, the bridesmaid hairstyles were made similar to that of the jewelry, shoes and dress. But now brides want something new and innovative for their bridesmaid. Mostly bridesmaids wear similar dress of different colors and lengths and they also get the different bridesmaid hairstyles. it is because many brides knows that one hairstyle cannot suit all the face shapes that’s why they ask the hair stylist to get some curls, waves and other ideas for bridesmaid so that hairstyle can suit her bridesmaids. You must also make sure that the bridesmaids are comfortable with the hairstyle you have chosen for them. Let the bridesmaid express her opinions about the chosen hairstyles so that you can know what they feel about your choice.


In olden times, bridesmaid used to get their hair permed and backcombed to add height and size to the hair. But with the time, this trend has changed and now bridesmaid hairstyles are made with short to long hair lengths. Bridesmaids with short hair lengths can use decorative combs, hair clips and other accessories to add a new look to their hairstyle. If you want a sleek for the bridesmaid then choose the classic low buns and chignons. It is a soft look that suits almost all the face types and gives an elegant appearance. You can also create a soft look with creation of lose waves with lose buns. In case of beach weddings, the hairstyle for bridesmaid should be different and pulled up.


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