Auburn Hairstyles

Auburn is a stylish and radiant hair color that looks feminine. It is a fierce red color that is blended with elegant brown dye. This hair color looks beautiful when red and brown shades are intense. It is true that one can wear auburn hairstyles for all hair lengths. Some of the hairstyles that are created for auburn hair color are mentioned here.


Beach waves are elegant and complement auburn hair. These waves are easily created by applying mousse to damp hair. Hair is brushed to ensure even distribution of mousse. Hair is scrunched and dried naturally to get beach waves. Wavy auburn hairstyles are great for all hair lengths.


Other auburn hairstyles are created using Velcro rollers. These are tools that add bouncy waves without making many efforts. Hair is divided into a few inches wide sections and wrapped around Velcro rollers. Hairspray is sprits leave the rollers for thirty minutes and releases them gently. It will result in wide waves that look soft and chic. In order to get tight waves, a good amount of mousse is rubbed before setting rollers.


Auburn hairstyles look gorgeous with braids. Braids are styled for straight as well as wavy hair. Long hair looks amazing with side swept bangs and French braid. The hair is pulled back to make a braid and intertwined with a new hair strands. This French braid is kept on one of the shoulders. After finishing the hairstyle, hair is misted with hairspray and dried.


Auburn hairstyles are also suitable for long curly hair due to many reasons. First of all, curly hair frames the face with auburn shade and compliments all skin tones. Secondly, loose curly hair reflects red shade to make hair look shiny. This aspect of auburn hairstyles highlights different sections giving them a coppery look.


A layered haircut also gives choppy auburn hairstyles. Short layers on the front frames the face and a splash of auburn color gives a refreshing look. This hair color will brighten skin tone and choppy layers add texture and reflect light.


Auburn hairstyles suit formal events but these hairstyles are simply styled. A formal updo is secured at the crown area. One of the easiest ways to get this hairstyle is to brush the hair and gathered at the top of the head. The hair is tied into a ponytail and secured with elastic band. The hair is coiled up and pinned with bobby pins. This bun is embellished with flowers and rhinestone pins. This hairstyle gives a fiery look at the crown and brightens up the facial structure. Facial features are highlighted with auburn hair color. Women who have brown eye color must get auburn hair color to get a beautiful contrast. Short hair is worn as it is to get natural hairstyle.

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