Ariana Grande Hairstyles

Ariana Grande is one of the celebrities who are known for her makeup, hairstyles and style. Ariana Grande hairstyles are inspirational and worth trying. She has been wearing stylish hairstyles and looked gorgeous every time. A smooth and neat hairstyle of Ariana is achieved with a jagged layered haircut. Layers are edgy and cut all around the head. This edgy haircut gives a textured look to hair. This haircut also gives a sleek look and needs less maintenance.


Ariana Grande hairstyles look great for curly hair. If you don’t have naturally straight, you can get gorgeous curls with styling tools. To start with Ariana Grande hairstyles, hair must be washed with a good shampoo and conditioner. Let the hair dry naturally and brush them to make then tangle free. Hairstyles of Ariana are parted in the centre but you can also wear it with side parting. Bangs are kept on the side otherwise push the hair towards the hairline. Take a rat tail comb and make a horizontal line with its back. The top hair is clipped separating it from bottom hair. Curly Ariana Grande hairstyles are created using a curling iron. Bottom hair is divided into small sections and wrapped around the barrel of curling iron. Repeat this process to get curls for rest of the hair. Curl the top half hair and spritz hairspray to hold the curls.


Formal Ariana Grande hairstyles are created for long tresses. These hairstyles show off long length with bouncy layers. A layered haircut of Ariana is easily re-created by side parting the hair and rubbing them with styling gel. Although Ariana sported this long hairstyle on formal event but you can wear it casually.


Some of the Ariana Grande hairstyles are styled to wear them casually. A long layered hair is styled with styling gel or pomade. Hair is combed to distribute styling product evenly. You can push the hair backward to get a slicked back look. Bangs are also pushed back and pinned. This hairstyle is low maintenance and remains in place for longer.


Many girls love Ariana Grande hairstyles that are styled into ponytail. A sleek and shiny ponytail of Ariana is simple to create and stylish enough to impress others. This ponytail hairstyle is styled with shine serum and mousse. She has been wearing high as well as low side ponytail for long brunette hair. A high ponytail at the back is styled with no parting whereas low side ponytail is styled with side parting.


One of her casual hairstyles is created by tying hair into a neat and polished bun. This hairstyle has no parting and hair is pulled back neatly to make a bun. She got this hairstyle for her brunette hair that looked beautiful with bright red highlights.

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