Aodai hairstyles

Ao di means long dress that is supposed to be traditional dress of women of Vietnam. This dress has long sleeves and hidden buttons with a high collar. Aodai hairstyles are required to compliment these dresses. There are many variations of ao di dresses that require different hairstyles.


A twisted bun is easy to create and compliments ao di dresses. These aodai hairstyles give volume on the top. A twisted bun hairstyle with loose bangs is arranged across the face and frames the face. Moreover, this hairstyle highlights eyes and softens all other facial features. The hair is pulled in such a way that shoulders are exposed and details of traditional dress are shown off.


Aodai hairstyles are worn down if women have long hair. Women who have soft curls need not to show skin. Long hair is kept down with height on the crown. Traditionally, a lot of height was added on the top but modern women add less height. Women who are wearing a fitted gown must pull hair loosely to one side.


Aodai hairstyles must be comfortable so that women feel confident wearing them with traditional dress. There are many women who want to show off skinmust choose a twisted bun and pulled up hairstyle. Those who don’t want to focus their shoulders must wear curly aodai hairstyles.


A low and tight bun is another simple hairstyle that looks sophisticated and styled quickly. A sleek ponytail is made and secure tightly. The hair is wrapped around the base and bun is secured with bobby pins. In order to get neat aodai hairstyles, hair is misted with hairspray. It is a formal hairstyle that works well with off shoulders dresses.


A braided updo is decorated with chopsticks to wear ideal hairstyles with traditional dresses. In order to create a distinct hairstyle, two braids are made and secured together. A hair stick is slide horizontally through braids. The braids are crossed under the stickand bring them under the side of the stick. The two braids are crossed again and hiding length of the braids. The second stick is pushed to the outer braid and ends of braids are tucked inside with bobby pins.


Aodai hairstyles are decorated with various accessories to get modern looks. Often, some of the hairstyles are styled in such a manner that they cover the temple and frame the face. Long hair is also wrapped into a bun that is placed at top of the head. Some other accessories used with aodai hairstyles such as hair pins, combs and pearl and rhinestone studded clips. Women who want to get vintage or retro looks make use of silk flowers and chopsticks. These hair accessories are matching with the aodai dress.

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