Air Dry Hairstyles

Women have many reasons to use a blow dryer to get their hair dried. But using a blow drying often leads to damaged hair. In such cases, air drying is the most practical and sensible approach to maintain good health of hair. Although air drying does not give same results to that of a blow dryer but there are many great things about air dry hairstyles. Hot irons, curling iron and blow dryer require a lot of time and efforts but many easy and quick hairstyle are created with air drying.


Tousled waves are easily created with air drying. There are different methods of getting air dry hairstyles with waves. One of the simplest ways is to apply styling cream to damp hair and make a braid on both sides. The braids are kept loose on top of the head and tight in the middle. When hair becomes almost dry, untwist the braids and separate hair with your fingers. Wavesareachieved that need to be restored with hairspray. For medium hair, braids are taken out after a few hours whereas long hair need to be braided overnight.


Crimping is created with tight braids by dividing hair into different sections. A few sections are made at the top and three sections at the bottom. Air dry hairstyles resulting from tight braids must be dried completely before taking out braids. Braids are made tight and left overnight and crimps are achieved the next morning.


Other air dry hairstyles give loose curls by taking a few strips of cloth. A small section of hair is taken and strip is paced at the bottom and rolled towards the scalp. The twisted section of hair is secured with the two ends of the cloth strip. This step is repeated for other sections as well. It is better to leave them overnight and take them out in the morning and you will get gorgeous curly air dry hairstyles.


Many easy curly air dry hairstyles are created using fingers. Styling cream is applied to damp hair and small sections of hair are twisted around the finger. It is better to twist them clock wise and anticlockwise for alternate curls and waves. This hairstyle require a lot of time if you have long hair. Once all hair is twisted hairspray is spritz all over the head. The best way to get air dry hairstyleswith fingers is to twist a few sections and let them dry and begins with another section.


If you like to wear tight curls then make small braids all over the head and leave them overnight. It is suggested to apply styling cream to damp before braiding. Take out the braids in the morning and you are ready with tight curlyair dry hairstyles.

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