Aerobics Hairstyle

Aerobics need appropriate outfits and hairstyles that give comfortable feeling. Women want to look stylish even doing the workouts. Aerobics hairstyles keep hair away from neck and face so that women are comfortable but look stylish and fashionable. Some of these hairstyles that are suitably worn during aerobics are discussed below.


A side ponytail is a suitable hairstyle for aerobics. This hairstyle is accreted by brushing the hair and gathering them on the side. The hair is then tied into a high ponytail. A side ponytail will keep hair away from face. This ponytail is also tied with elastic band, ribbon or scarf. Banana clips are used to accessorize aerobics hairstyles. These clips are meant to keep hair in place especially if you have bangs or fringes.


If you have and medium or long and want to wear some cool aerobics hairstyles then French braid is the right choice. In fact, braided hairstyles are popular for workouts. Braided aerobics hairstyles must be started with washed and clean hair because it is easy to spate damp hair. A seep side parting is made and braid is started on top of the head. When making the braid hair strands are added from side of the ears. Once braid is completed, it is secured with elastic band. This hairstyle needs practice because a beginner might find it difficult to style.


A bun with braided bottom looks cool and stylish for aerobics. This hairstyle works great for a medium layered haircut. Aerobics hairstyles with bottom braided bun do not require using plenty of bobby pins. This hairstyle is made with wet hair by applying pomade and flipping the hair. A French braid is created that is stopped halfway back of the head. Rest of the hair is gathered and tied into a high bun. An elastic band is used to secure this bun.


Women having long tresseshave many choices to wear stylish aerobics hairstyles. Long hair must be controlled during aerobics. A single bun might support long and heavy hair that’s why double bun hairstyle is required. The hair is parted in the centre and combed to make them smooth. Later on, hair is gathered into a high ponytail on side and tied firmly. The hair is twisted and wrapped around the ponytail holder. Once you are done wrapping the hair, another hair band is wrapped around the bun. This step is repeated for other side.


Other aerobics hairstyles consist of criss-cross section style that is created by separating hair into 5 horizontal rows. First row is secured with an elastic band. On reaching the second row, it is split and secured with first row in such a way it looks like a criss-cross. This process is repeated for other rows.

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