Different Hairstyles

There are a variety of different hairstyles available nowadays that suit our face cut, our hair texture and our personality and routine. One such unique and different hairstyle is to gather all your hair and apply liberal amounts of volumizing mousse on your hair. Now apply some styling mousse on your hair. Now comb your hair with a wide tooth comb. Now gather all your hair over one side at your nape. Tie your hair in slighted ponytail with minimalistic elastic band. Now twist your ponytail and make a small pun around the elastic band. Secure it with bobby pins so that it does not open this easily. You can adorn it with multiple colored bands or pins to keep it casual or you can wear fake or real rode buds over it to keep it formal like a wedding or a prom.


Another chic and different hairstyles would we to do a side partition of your hair. Now take two strands and twist them both and secure them with pins near your ears. Make a bun of your hair at the nape and you would get an elegant yet different hairstyle for the formal function you have been planning for. Make sure you secure this classy and different hairstyle with pins and lots of hairspray.


A cool and different hairstyles would be to gather all your curls over your ear. Apply lots of gloss adding serum to your hair and comb them with a large tooth comb first. Now tie them in a side ponytail and adorn it with a ribbon. You would look like medieval princess with this trendy hairstyle. Apply some styling gel before styling as well so that your side ponytail stays in place and looks hip. This is a great and different hairstyle for a concert or a gig at your high school or college.


You would definitely want a different hairstyle but sometimes women end up looking more weird then different in tiring to appear unique. Make sure the hairstyle you choose suits your persona. You should look pretty and becoming above all else. Take your hairdresser into confidences as to what would make you stand out and make you look graceful. We would not want you to be a laughingstock now would we?

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