Chignons hairstyles are a classic hairstyle that can be worn for both formal and everyday wear. It is one of the simple and elegant hairstyles that are popular since ages. There are other names of chignons includes buns, hair knot and French roll. In order to make chignons hairstyles you must know some basic techniques to create a bun at your own. Now, beginning with creation of a chignon you must wash and clean your hair and comb them with a wide toothed comb. After that, apply some styling gel to control the hair easily. You can part your hair at this point and takeout some strands for framing the face. Now smooth the hair at the back and make a low ponytail at the back. You can pull the ponytail to create a neat and soft look. Make sure that the ponytail is loose and secure it with the help of rubber bands.


Now split the lose ponytail into two halves and twist them together to create a rope. It is also called double twist strand. You can now lift the twisted strands up and wrap them around the rubber band to make chignons hairstyles. You must secure the chignon with the help of bobby pins. At the end, you can curl the stands left lose at the face and add some barrettes or flowers to the chignon for a dramatic look. Don’t forget to use a hairspray fro a finished look.


There are some ways of adding shape to the hair when you are making chignons hairstyles. If you wish to add some shape to the hair texture, you can make large size curls into the hair before making the ponytail. It is a good idea to use rollers to large size so that the chignon can get extra volume and height. When you create large size curls, you should avoid making a tight ponytail. If you are a person with silky and soft hair texture then it can become difficult for you to manage the chignons hairstyles.


That’s why it is suggested to make use of bobby pins to secure the hairstyle. You can also try to backcomb the hair or tease them before you make the hairstyle. Backcombing and teasing will also add texture to the hairstyle and make it easy for you to handle the hair easily. If you find it difficult to hold the hairstyle you can sue bobby pins in form of crisscross so that hairstyle is secure and held in place. Apply good amount of gel or mousse before making a ponytail so that hair can be handled with ease. It is not necessary that you have to create the chignon at the back. You can be creative and make the bun at the sides as well.


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